Graphic Design

Visual Communications

An advanced graphic design course, emphasizing the relationship between the designer  and the client. Students work on four in depth projects: Environmental Posters, Ad Campaign, Corporate Identity Package and a Corporate Identity Manual.

Spring 2014

Toba C. Toba C.
VC-SS-ShaindelEShaindel E.
ChayaS-EnvPost-thumbnailChaya S.
Gitty L. Gitty L.
Faigy P. Faigy P.
Nechie N. Nechie N.

Two Dimensional Design

A fundamental design class covering all the basics of design, color and art history.
The following are a collection of student portfolios from that class.

Fall 2013

screenshot-toba-designToba C.
LipskyScreenShotGitty L.
Shaindel E. Shaindel E.

screen-shot-FaigyFaigy P.
Nechie-design-screen-shotNechie N.